Weekend Lab Report-The Dog Park


“I’m a happy dog in a happy place.”



Sunday Lap Report

Just because I hide doesn’t mean I am guilty…well, maybe I am.

Fun with leaves…

We often take for granted the simple things in life. Make time this fall to enjoy the leaves instead of dreading their clean-up. Today was the perfect day to take a break from chores and just enjoy the moment.


Breathe, Write, Live

When I try to explain to friends and co-workers why I write, the meaning is lost. Questions such as “Aren’t you too busy?” or “You should be relaxing instead?” are often asked.

The answer to question number one is absolutely. This is my first blog post in almost five months due to an insanely full schedule. I work full time, attend college (only 5 classes left before I graduate, yeah!), am married with two children, have a three-year old granddaughter, and a brand new granddaughter born almost two months premature, but doing wonderful.

Why do I still write? The answer is simple: I have to. Writing is like breathing. Without the flow of words I choke. So, I find time (or make time), no matter what the distraction.

Today’s distraction is an intensely cute puppy chasing my fingers as they fly over the keyboard. I also have my sweet little granddaughter asleep on my chest, her breath rising and falling in rhythm with my own. But, still I write. Lost in the beauty of both natural creation and artistic bliss. Writing is life; the air I breathe; the food that fulfills my soul.

There is always time to write, and some of the best work is born from our distractions.

A Gentle Soul

While his hips and breathing prevent the long walks he used to enjoy, the sparkle in his eyes flickers as it did when he was a puppy. Tucker is still awkward looking, his long nose more like a hound than a yellow lab, but he is one of the most gentle creatures I have ever known. Our children used to ride him, paint his toenails pink, and have even dressed him in a tu-tu, but he was still their best friend.  Now, our grand daughter loves her “tutter,” and besides stealing her peanut butter sandwiches, he has become her best friend too.

I’ve come to realize this is probably his last autumn. Some days he struggles to climb the stairs and sleeps more than he used too, but I know he still enjoys life. If the day comes when he stops raiding the trash or begging for our pizza, then I will know it is time.  We will miss him dearly, but am so thankful for the years he has been part of the family.