Pen and Chisel

Sunrise over the Mount Washington region, New Hampshire…Nature’s Inspiration

Thoughts fly free.

Dreams sleep in silence.

Voices soar when spoken.

But written words remain, carved in granite like nature’s masterpiece.



Wooded Path

Writer’s muse and artist’s canvas

Whispers along a wooded path

Wind inspired melodies carry in the air


A Character’s Voice

She writes of my life, an existence born from ink and paper. My destiny bound to the mercy of the wind carried by her pen.

She is my artist, unveiling layers of fictitious flesh and blood. The chisel must be wielded with care, or the image so clearly defined within will disappear forever.

I wait, breathless as the next inkling of who I am to be revealed. My richness is hers and only hers to define…an immense task I am sure.

She writes of my burden, my guilt and sorrow, but hers is the burden of creation. The weight of molding an entire lifetime upon empty pages.

She writes of my pain and joy, but I sense her fear. Will too much of herself be revealed? The shroud hiding her deepest hopes and fears pulled back for all to see.

I am anxious for my journey to unfold for I am now real…begging to be written for all to see.

Susan Cunningham, Author of the Beyond the Hidden Realm Fantasy Series

The Power of Writing

Thoughts fly alone.

Dreams sleep in silence.

Voices soar only when spoken.

Written words remain, carved in granite like nature’s masterpiece.

By Susan Cunningham

Ocean Dreams

Ocean Dreams

Sea life dances, gulls soar

Ocean sings a thunderous roar

I long for carefree sandy walks

While waves crash against water-carved rocks

Relish a world of chaos so serene

Soothed by seaweed a lively shade of breen

I sit and wiggle my sand covered toes

All the while inspired to lyrical prose

By Susan Cunningham

Newport Natives Writers Group

Going home!  Growing up in Newport, NH, the Richards Free Library transformed into a second home where I would dream of magical places and adventures. I often write about inspiration in my posts, and this is where it all began for me!

On May 11th and 12th, the Newport Natives Writers Group returns for a series of workshops, readings, and discussions at the library. I am thrilled to take part in this special event with my fellow Newport writers. To learn more, visit the Richards Free Library at or click the link below.

Newport Natives Writers Group Special Event

Come see us and find your own Inspiration!

Stop along the journey.

Maybe writer’s block is just your internal creator telling you to pitch a tent in the moment? If you cannot move forward, pause to look around. Have you lost sight of your characters and their motivations?

Take time to evaluate how they have grown (or fallen) in the last few chapters. If their movement is static,  re-energize their depth before trying to move past the block. You may find it resolves itself through rediscovery.