The weight of many hearts beats upon my chest.

Do I dare soar?

Do I dare fall?

Drawn to warmth after a long winter’s slumber.

A frozen soul melted by hope.


Pen and Chisel

Sunrise over the Mount Washington region, New Hampshire…Nature’s Inspiration

Thoughts fly free.

Dreams sleep in silence.

Voices soar when spoken.

But written words remain, carved in granite like nature’s masterpiece.


Twin Waterfalls

Twin waterfalls trickle side by side

A stream divided for a short time

A pool below erases their form

Churning together into a frothy foam

Calmness erupts; they blend into one

Together at last; gift from above

What time erased nature reunites

No longer darkness without a light

Merged together; a beautiful soul

Their path together forever whole

Wishes Dream

When anguish rages like a soaring kite

Wishes dream by stars so bright

Sunshine saves a dark, stormy night

So hope can feed a guiding light

Susan Cunningham

Ocean Dreams

Ocean Dreams

Sea life dances, gulls soar

Ocean sings a thunderous roar

I long for carefree sandy walks

While waves crash against water-carved rocks

Relish a world of chaos so serene

Soothed by seaweed a lively shade of breen

I sit and wiggle my sand covered toes

All the while inspired to lyrical prose

By Susan Cunningham