Best Beach Times

Walking Hampton Beach, New Hampshire on a crisp, fall evening at sunset. No crowds and all beauty.


When Seasons Change

At Summer’s end,  Autumn’s begins;

Sometimes it takes an ending to find a beautiful beginning!

Autumn Apple Picking

Fall is arguably the most beautiful season in New Hampshire. The leaves provide a visually brilliant backdrop, and combined with moderate temperatures and no bugs, there is no better time to enjoy the outdoors. A must see-and-do item is apple picking. Start the day with a tractor ride to the farthest reaches of the orchid, followed by a leisurely stroll through scenic vistas. Finish with some warm apple cider and then take your little red treasures home to bake. One of my favorites is an apple brownie with cinnamon sugar on top.  Yum, Yum!

Summer’s end.

Cool mornings brush away the summer heat, but outdoor beauty lingers. Soon, we will trade vibrant flowers for leaves alive with color. Goodbye Summer!


Corbin Covered Bridge

One of New Hampshire’s covered bridges nestled in the woods of Newport. I spent my childhood fishing here with my family, never truly appreciating the beauty. Now that my parents have passed, this place touches my heart just as much as my visual senses.