Back to School Book Sale!

Did summer reading go the wayside of outdoor adventures or Pokemon-Go?

My adventure-fantasy novel, The Kingdom of Belamour, is now reduced for the season. The E-Book version is available for only $5.99 at major retails like Amazon-Kindle and Smashwords. For a limited time use the following coupon code (Smashwords only) and receive the book for $3.99- NJ43J.  Free chapter preview available through Smashwords!

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Belamour is a fabled place renowned for the kindness and good sense of its inhabitants, who maintain peace and enjoy prosperity in a milieu in which they must defend their values on horseback, with swords and bows. When raiders from another realm threaten, the people of Belamour struggle to combat the brutality, greed and treachery of the invaders. Their battle intensifies when an elderly wanderer arrives with a mysterious secret from an ancient civilization. Past and present collide when he reveals the purpose of his visit, and Belamour is betrayed by its troubled king.