Weekend Lab Report

I was just guarding your shoes!

I once read that some labs have an extra “hunger” gene adding to their food driven nature. While I am not sure if this is true physically, it certainly is in practice. Our Mr. Fili has swallowed socks, gloves, face clothes, make-up sponges and anything else he can get in his mouth. On the positive side, our house is never cluttered for fear of objects becoming a second dinner.


Sunday Lab Report – November 6, 2016


My name is Fili. I’m feeling better today, but my tummy has been pretty upset. My Mom thinks I ate another sock, or make-up sponge, or facecloth, or anything else fabric related, but there’s no sign of it now. The nice people at my doggie doctor made sure of that.

People have been telling my Mom to write about my adventures, although I can’t imagine why. I guess it’s because I have my stomach pumped every few months and steal things like eye glasses and steak knives. My family tells me it’s a good thing I’m cute. I know they love me, though, and I love them too!

Fun with leaves…

We often take for granted the simple things in life. Make time this fall to enjoy the leaves instead of dreading their clean-up. Today was the perfect day to take a break from chores and just enjoy the moment.