Pen and Chisel

Thoughts fly free.

Dreams sleep in silence.

Voices soar when spoken.

But written words remain, carved in granite like nature’s masterpiece.

by Susan Cunningham


Ocean Dreams

Ocean Dreams

Sea life dances, gulls soar

Ocean sings a thunderous roar

I long for carefree sandy walks

While waves crash against water-carved rocks

Relish a world of chaos so serene

Soothed by seaweed a lively shade of green

I sit and wiggle my sand covered toes

All the while inspired to lyrical prose

By Susan Cunningham

The Light

Hello all,

Several months have gone by since my last post. Life intervened, and two weeks ago I said goodbye to my father as he died from cancer. I did find some beauty in the end. Throughout the day, a light moved along the portraits of my family. First, my  mother who had died from cancer in 1996, and then each of my sisters. We told Dad the light had come to take him to our mother. At 6:15, the light reached his chair, and he passed. We took this picture moments after. The following morning, I wrote this poem, and my sisters and I read it at his service.

The Light

Early morning sun promises a new day,

And a light to guide him along the way.

His gentle guide illuminates the past,

Wrapped by heavenly love at last

The light kisses those he adores,

Farewell my dear children, I leave for golden shores

Comforted by faith, the day fades to gray

Journey’s end, the light reveals the way

Peace at last, his voyage complete

His love from heaven he will meet

Newport Natives Writers Group

Going home!  Growing up in Newport, NH, the Richards Free Library transformed into a second home where I would dream of magical places and adventures. I often write about inspiration in my posts, and this is where it all began for me!

On May 11th and 12th, the Newport Natives Writers Group returns for a series of workshops, readings, and discussions at the library. I am thrilled to take part in this special event with my fellow Newport writers. To learn more, visit the Richards Free Library at or click the link below.

Newport Natives Writers Group Special Event

Come see us and find your own Inspiration!

Do you trust me?

My heart burns and my soul craves release

I want, I suffer, I long for an existence beyond the stroke of keys

Do you trust me?

I can guide you through the muddy chaos of a first draft

Show you my story as it unfolds-such as is with real life, uncertain and untamed.

Do you trust me?

The journey will be rough and fraught with doubts

You may even wish to give up-to return me to the deepest corners of your mind

Do you trust me?

Allow me to be your guide, and I will fill you with passion

Stimulate the fire that kindles like a smoldering flame lost under fallen debris

But, you will have to let go. Let go of orderly sequence and self-imposed pressure

Turn the stone over to see the veins running deep within

If you promise to trust me, I will become what I am meant to be

If you promise to trust me, the pages will write themselves

By Susan Cunningham 2/16/17