The weight of many hearts beats upon my chest.

Do I dare soar?

Do I dare fall?

Drawn to warmth after a long winter’s slumber.

A frozen soul melted by hope.


A Walk in the Light

Sometimes, you miss see the light because of the darkness clouding your vision.


Wishes Dream

When anguish rages like a soaring kite

Wishes dream by stars so bright

Sunshine saves a dark, stormy night

So hope can feed a guiding light

Susan Cunningham

Ghost Memories

For the time being, please stop here. Let ghost memories swirl around you. Envelope you like a late winter fog smothering the last remnants of snow.

Stop running. Memories have no legs, but cannot be outrun for they are experts in the art of pursuit, relentless in the chase.

Stand firm. Relinquish power to the moment. Enjoy the leaf blessed with vivid colors as it floats down the stream. Experience its journey. The beauty of a single leaf touches the spirit more than the memory of a hundred trees.

Surrender.  Azure skies remain despite the gray. Even the tiniest bird can soar above the clouds. Flex its wings in even the strongest wind.

For the time, being please stop here. Be the hunter, not the prey. Find strength, not solitude. Ghost memories need not haunt you.


“When surrounded by darkness look for the light inside you.”

When my youngest daughter was ten, she drew me a picture that I still keep at my desk. Included in the simple drawing of a happy face lost within a sea of crayon scribbles were the wisest words I have ever known. Her wisdom has been a guiding light through many bad times. This week, I learned my father has cancer. Her words have once again provided me hope. Twenty years ago, I lost my mother to  cancer, and as my family once again embarks on this horrible path, I will continue to look for the light.

“When surrounded by darkness look for the light inside you.”

Hope’s Journey

By Susan Cunningham

Rain soaks; never cleanses

Aged filth drenched by dirty waters

Cold and damp; fate calls

Promises; a new beginning betrayed


Darkness falls; uncertainty breeds

Nourished by shadow and despair

Hope finds no solace when washed away

But faith trickles down an angry stream