Dark and Twisted

It’s the time of year for ghost stories and horror!  Most of you know my writing as “family friendly,” but my dark side loves a good horror story. My ebook, Dark and Twisted-Short Story Duos, can be found on Smashwords. Sick and Twisted, but oh so fun!



Dark and Twisted: Short Story Duos

Cover Dark and Twisted new

Dark and Twisted: Short Story Duos   Click Link to Download.

The first volume of my short story anthology Dark and Twisted: Short Story Duos is now available for download!

Two stories. Two Dark and Twisted themes. A 19th Century serial killer with a peculiar fascination for skulls finds his perfect victim…or so he thinks. Next, a Victorian Era child is murdered by a mysterious stranger, and her porcelain doll becomes the catalyst for a century of torment.

Dark and Twisted is a free anthology designed to provide the reader with a quick hit of horror and the supernatural.  Download and enjoy, and feel free to forward the link.  I love referrals!

Thank you and happy reading.

Susan Cunningham