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Get Inside Your Character’s Head!

Mondays, February 6 and 13
6:15 – 8 :15 p.m. The Writer’s Center, White River Jct, VT
Facilitator: Susan Cunningham
Characters! They’re what make readers care about your story, and once you make them come alive on the page, plot practically takes care of itself. During this three-week workshop, we will explore the concept of behavioral style theory and apply the principles to your writing. Bring your favorite (or not so favorite) characters and discover their behavioral styles. Uncover their motivating factors, fears, and reactions during times of conflict. Learn how these styles drive your characters to behave the way they do and build three dimensional characters that pop off the page. Minimum enrollment is 3 and maximum is 8. For more information, contact Susan Cunningham at or call 603-504-2066.


Authors Helping the Community

I had a wonderful time at the Tracy Library’s Author Night Out promoting my book The Kingdom of Belamour. Sharing the experience with other New Hampshire writers while we raised money to support the library made it even better.  Please remember to support your local libraries. Get involved and keep the land of literary exploration alive!