The Road

It’s not where the road leads, but what you find along the way.



Twin Waterfalls

Twin waterfalls trickle side by side

A stream divided for a short time

A pool below erases their form

Churning together into a frothy foam

Calmness erupts; they blend into one

Together at last; gift from above

What time erased nature reunites

No longer darkness without a light

Merged together; a beautiful soul

Their path together forever whole

A Character’s Voice

She writes of my life, an existence born from ink and paper. My destiny bound to the mercy of the wind carried by her pen.

She is my artist, unveiling layers of fictitious flesh and blood. The chisel must be wielded with care, or the image so clearly defined within will disappear forever.

I wait, breathless as the next inkling of who I am to be revealed. My richness is hers and only hers to define…an immense task I am sure.

She writes of my burden, my guilt and sorrow, but hers is the burden of creation. The weight of molding an entire lifetime upon empty pages.

She writes of my pain and joy, but I sense her fear. Will too much of herself be revealed? The shroud hiding her deepest hopes and fears pulled back for all to see.

I am anxious for my journey to unfold for I am now real…begging to be written for all to see.

Susan Cunningham, Author of the Beyond the Hidden Realm Fantasy Series

Summer’s end.

Cool mornings brush away the summer heat, but outdoor beauty lingers. Soon, we will trade vibrant flowers for leaves alive with color. Goodbye Summer!


Ten Years

Short fiction for short moments!

The inevitable nature of humanity emerges in this speculative short story about alien discovery. What happens when we learn the truth about our place in the universe? Ten Years explores a snapshot into the life a young girl adapting to the harsh reality of a world changed forever. Available for free download at Smashwords.

Ten Years

By Susan Cunningham

Corbin Covered Bridge

One of New Hampshire’s covered bridges nestled in the woods of Newport. I spent my childhood fishing here with my family, never truly appreciating the beauty. Now that my parents have passed, this place touches my heart just as much as my visual senses.

The Power of Writing

Thoughts fly alone.

Dreams sleep in silence.

Voices soar only when spoken.

Written words remain, carved in granite like nature’s masterpiece.

By Susan Cunningham