Memories of Dad



Photographs propped on dusty shelves,

Trace a life greater than ourselves.

Paintings stacked in neat little queues,

born to life by more than just hues

Beyond the picture that remains,

Dad’s sweet love will always sustain.

By Susan Cunningham


Fall in New Hampshire

Newport, NH – Corbin Covered Bridge

A beautiful night complete with fish jumping and crickets singing!



The Light

Hello all,

Several months have gone by since my last post. Life intervened, and two weeks ago I said goodbye to my father as he died from cancer. I did find some beauty in the end. Throughout the day, a light moved along the portraits of my family. First, my  mother who had died from cancer in 1996, and then each of my sisters. We told Dad the light had come to take him to our mother. At 6:15, the light reached his chair, and he passed. We took this picture moments after. The following morning, I wrote this poem, and my sisters and I read it at his service.

The Light

Early morning sun promises a new day,

And a light to guide him along the way.

His gentle guide illuminates the past,

Wrapped by heavenly love at last

The light kisses those he adores,

Farewell my dear children, I leave for golden shores

Comforted by faith, the day fades to gray

Journey’s end, the light reveals the way

Peace at last, his voyage complete

His love from heaven he will meet


A Book and the Beach

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For my family



Oh Snowy Mother’s Day

Mother Nature misplaced my order for sunny and 80. Does she have a return policy?  Please take this snow away!