A Writer’s Travels…Living the Bucket List.

Carmine Superiore

Here in the United States, we live in the “new.” Even as a New Hampshire native, our oldest structures date back to the 1600’s. Spending the day in a village built in the 900’s was an experience I will never forget.  Fascinated with medieval history, I drank in the site. Sitting on steps a thousand years old, I wrote page after page of my novel. The day ended with a picnic of local cheeses and salami along with memories I will forever cherish.



Carmine3 Carmine6 Carmine5 Carmine4

A medieval village still untouched by the hands of time.
A medieval village still untouched by the hands of time.



Hotel Cannero on Lago Maggiore...where inspiration lives.

Hotel Cannero on Lago Maggiore…where inspiration lives.

May 2011…When the dream became a possibility.

As a child, I would dream of distant places shrouded in history and legend. Places where the burden of time melted away and visions of ancient people reflected in the architecture.  For a time, I was content with the dream of “someday,” but after my mother passed away from cancer I realized “someday” could easily become never.  Buried under my always serious and in no way risky exterior was a creative soul yearning to run free and experience life.  It was on the shores of Lago Maggiore where I vowed to honor that creative soul.


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