Ten Years

Short fiction for short moments!

The inevitable nature of humanity emerges in this speculative short story about alien discovery. What happens when we learn the truth about our place in the universe? Ten Years explores a snapshot into the life a young girl adapting to the harsh reality of a world changed forever. Available for free download at Smashwords.

Ten Years

By Susan Cunningham


Corbin Covered Bridge

One of New Hampshire’s covered bridges nestled in the woods of Newport. I spent my childhood fishing here with my family, never truly appreciating the beauty. Now that my parents have passed, this place touches my heart just as much as my visual senses.

The Power of Writing

Thoughts fly alone.

Dreams sleep in silence.

Voices soar only when spoken.

Written words remain, carved in granite like nature’s masterpiece.

By Susan Cunningham

Wishes Dream

When anguish rages like a soaring kite

Wishes dream by stars so bright

Sunshine saves a dark, stormy night

So hope can feed a guiding light

Susan Cunningham

One last summer read…

Time to squeeze in one last read before going back to school.  For a limited time, my young adult fantasy novel, The Kingdom of Belamour is available via free download at Smashwords.

The medieval village of Belamour sits upon a precipice. The villagers must defend their way of life against greed and brutality. Their battle intensifies when an elderly wanderer arrivers with the mysterious secret of an ancient civilization. Past and present collide when he reveals the purpose of his visit, and Belamour is betrayed by its troubled king.