Restoring the Past

Brought back from the hidden depths of our family’s barn, this antique 1930-1940’s era Fada Radio has come a long way. The inner workings were rusted, batteries corroded, wires chewed, and every nook and cranny stuffed with cobwebs and spiders. After almost six months of painstaking work, I now have a beautiful wine cabinet to be enjoyed by everyone.



Mount Sunapee, New Hampshire

A sunset hike at one of New Hampshire’s beautiful peaks. The chairlift may be still, but the mountain still inspires the spirit.

Ocean Dreams

Ocean Dreams

Sea life dances, gulls soar

Ocean sings a thunderous roar

I long for carefree sandy walks

While waves crash against water-carved rocks

Relish a world of chaos so serene

Soothed by seaweed a lively shade of breen

I sit and wiggle my sand covered toes

All the while inspired to lyrical prose

By Susan Cunningham

Ghost Memories

For the time being, please stop here. Let ghost memories swirl around you. Envelope you like a late winter fog smothering the last remnants of snow.

Stop running. Memories have no legs, but cannot be outrun for they are experts in the art of pursuit, relentless in the chase.

Stand firm. Relinquish power to the moment. Enjoy the leaf blessed with vivid colors as it floats down the stream. Experience its journey. The beauty of a single leaf touches the spirit more than the memory of a hundred trees.

Surrender.  Azure skies remain despite the gray. Even the tiniest bird can soar above the clouds. Flex its wings in even the strongest wind.

For the time, being please stop here. Be the hunter, not the prey. Find strength, not solitude. Ghost memories need not haunt you.