At War with Food

After years of living to eat instead of eating to live, I find myself in a position shared with many others…food is now the enemy.  I have been lactose intolerant for most of my life, which I have been able to manage by carefully balancing what I eat with those little miracle lactose supplement pills, but over the last year something changed. I found myself nauseous after every meal, sometimes just a little and other times to the point of talking myself down from vomiting. I cut out all dairy and even gluten, but the problem persisted. After months of tests and trial and error, the latest diagnosis of functional dyspepsia and/or gastroparesis is the winner.  I have been told my stomach does not empty properly, a lifelong condition to be managed by careful diet and consumption limits.

Thankfully, all of my changes have resulted in feeling better than I have for over a year, but eating is a full time job. My days consist of dairy free, gluten free, no raw vegetables, lean fats, high protein, oh, and I can only eat small amounts every few hours. My measuring stick for small amounts…a deck of cards. By limiting myself to all of the above and portions no more than the size of two decks of cards, I have found the silver bullet!

The challenge now is within my mind. Walking away from chocolate frosted donuts when I get my Iced Tea at Dunkin Donuts, never eating pizza again, and passing on the warm dinner rolls in a restaurant even though they smell like heaven. Once in a while, I fall off the wagon, but my symptoms are always there to remind me.



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