Mount Washington, New Hampshire

A must see adventure when traveling in New England!

The Mount Washington Auto Road leads to one of the most beautiful places on earth. While known for record breaking winds and cold, spectacular vistas set in an almost mystical background provide a paradise for outdoor lovers, photography buffs, and thrill seekers. Note…the auto road is not for the faint at heart. Anyone with a fear of heights should consider taking the Cog Railway, another adventure in itself.

As you wind up the narrow road, take your time to stop and explore the areas (plus your car will appreciate the break). This is a two lane road, so meeting traffic requires a little finesse. Once at the top, break out your sweatshirt…even in the summer. The day I went was a beautiful 70 degree day, but the summit was 42 degrees with a wind chill of 17 degrees.

You will find breathtaking hiking trails, but heed any warning signs and always be prepared. Tuckerman’s Ravine is one of the most famous trails in the world, but can also be dangerous…respect the terrain.  After your summit adventure, take a break in their cafe for a warm cup of chili and enjoy a museum dedicated to this famous mountain.


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