Newport Natives Writers Group

Going home!  Growing up in Newport, NH, the Richards Free Library transformed into a second home where I would dream of magical places and adventures. I often write about inspiration in my posts, and this is where it all began for me!

On May 11th and 12th, the Newport Natives Writers Group returns for a series of workshops, readings, and discussions at the library. I am thrilled to take part in this special event with my fellow Newport writers. To learn more, visit the Richards Free Library at or click the link below.

Newport Natives Writers Group Special Event

Come see us and find your own Inspiration!


Life is hope

Hope is the most dangerous weapon

Give it and you have power

Take it away and you can destroy

For the little moments in life.

Every year, I think of this poem near the anniversary of my mother’s death from cancer. She passed away during the night, and when the sun rose that morning, I looked at her empty garden and wrote this poem. This year, the poem is even more poignant, as now my father fights a battle with cancer.  It is a reminder to cherish every moment, for a year can make a big difference.


Midnight’s kiss blows its doom,

As heaven calls you to its room.

Vacant without your tender love,

Sun rises crimson red above.

Your spirit remains, a shadow among the rocks,

A gentle nudge along a path you no longer walk.

What blessings you gave you will never know,

The part you play continues to grow.