Do you trust me?

My heart burns and my soul craves release

I want, I suffer, I long for an existence beyond the stroke of keys

Do you trust me?

I can guide you through the muddy chaos of a first draft

Show you my story as it unfolds-such as is with real life, uncertain and untamed.

Do you trust me?

The journey will be rough and fraught with doubts

You may even wish to give up-to return me to the deepest corners of your mind

Do you trust me?

Allow me to be your guide, and I will fill you with passion

Stimulate the fire that kindles like a smoldering flame lost under fallen debris

But, you will have to let go. Let go of orderly sequence and self-imposed pressure

Turn the stone over to see the veins running deep within

If you promise to trust me, I will become what I am meant to be

If you promise to trust me, the pages will write themselves

By Susan Cunningham 2/16/17


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