Stop along the journey.

Maybe writer’s block is just your internal creator telling you to pitch a tent in the moment? If you cannot move forward, pause to look around. Have you lost sight of your characters and their motivations?

Take time to evaluate how they have grown (or fallen) in the last few chapters. If their movement is static,  re-energize their depth before trying to move past the block. You may find it resolves itself through rediscovery.


Do you trust me?

My heart burns and my soul craves release

I want, I suffer, I long for an existence beyond the stroke of keys

Do you trust me?

I can guide you through the muddy chaos of a first draft

Show you my story as it unfolds-such as is with real life, uncertain and untamed.

Do you trust me?

The journey will be rough and fraught with doubts

You may even wish to give up-to return me to the deepest corners of your mind

Do you trust me?

Allow me to be your guide, and I will fill you with passion

Stimulate the fire that kindles like a smoldering flame lost under fallen debris

But, you will have to let go. Let go of orderly sequence and self-imposed pressure

Turn the stone over to see the veins running deep within

If you promise to trust me, I will become what I am meant to be

If you promise to trust me, the pages will write themselves

By Susan Cunningham 2/16/17

Can I just say…

Can I just say winter sucks! Not because my fingers become popsicles every morning as I race from my front door to the car or because my 40 minute commute becomes an hour long anxiety ride with limited visibility. Winter sucks because it is empty. Yes, we have mountains of snow to ski on, but the landscape reminds me of the period between sleep and alertness. Foggy snapshots of dreams you want to remember, but can’t.

When I see a snow covered field I think about the grass frozen below, the stems of flowers unable to bloom. Unfulfilled dreams smothered by the weight of nothingness. Where do the deer and rabbits sleep, and how do they find their food. Do spiders freeze? Useless questions race through my mind.

I do see beauty in the snow. Glistening crystals throwing a kaleidoscope of colors into the air. Ice covered branches resembling diamonds during sunrise. So why do I feel so empty during winter?

Maybe winter represents lost time, putting off what we want in life while we wait for warmer weather. I miss the beauty of summer hikes and think about how my time could be better spent than buried under a blanket playing video games.

By the time spring comes, we are all five months older. My youngest daughter is five months closer to moving on to college, and my muscles are five months older and out of shape. Winter means emptiness because it represents a static life. Precious moments buried under a sheet of ice and frigid temperatures.

Every year we promise to enjoy the season. Good intentions begin, and we bundle up layer upon layer and attempt to enjoy the landscape. But, like a lake succumbing to winters deep freeze, we become still and lie in wait until spring thaw.

Weekend Lab Report

I was just guarding your shoes!

I once read that some labs have an extra “hunger” gene adding to their food driven nature. While I am not sure if this is true physically, it certainly is in practice. Our Mr. Fili has swallowed socks, gloves, face clothes, make-up sponges and anything else he can get in his mouth. On the positive side, our house is never cluttered for fear of objects becoming a second dinner.

I Find My Inner Nerd Everywhere

Being a nerdy girl has its perks, and sometimes, I just see the strangest things when I am not even trying. The tape on my daughter’s injured knee channeling “The Face of Beau” was way more entertaining than it probably should have been (cue Dr. Who music)!