The Path of Least Resistance

He wanted time to think; time to decide what to do with the secret he now carried. Every morning since accepting Rael’s flute, Aeyar had held the instrument and wondered at the object. The wonder would soon fade, replaced with worry. Worry that the Great Sky Mountains were not unique; that another path after death existed.

Should he return Rael’s flute, or accept the fate this mystery would bring? Aeyar thought back to the other hard decisions in his life. He had always followed his heart, or had he? Maybe he was the water, seeking the path offering the least resistance.

He watched a leaf float by and followed its route until it disappeared in an eddy. The stream had been his private sanctuary for over half a century, but today he saw it clearly for the first time. He saw water trapped along a path dug too deep to allow escape. The path of least resistance brought only temporary ease, not a solution.

Excerpt from The Kindom of Belamour by Susan Cunningham

Available on Amazon Kindle


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