Special Places-Universal Studios

I published this post two years ago from my family’s vacation to Universal Studios in Orlando. Our family has taken many vacations, but none hold a candle to our time spent at Universal. Is it the rides, the food, the artistry?  We have amusement parks here in New Hampshire, so why does this one hold such a special place in our hearts? It took years to figure out it wasn’t just what we did while there, but what we felt. Universal became our own little oasis away from every day, and not so every day, stress. The memories we made still elicit that feeling of contentment. When we have a bad day, we pull out one of our many photo albums and smile!


The theme of the day….crowds.

As expected, the influx of Harry Potter fans to Universal Studios created a river of people to navigate through. The star attraction, Escape from Gringotts boasted wait times ranging from 120 to 350 minutes. Even entering the famous alley way from J.K. Rowling’s hugely successful books felt a little like crowd surfing. But….the final product of almost four years of planning is definitely worth the trip.






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