RV camping-What I have learned during the first few months.

1). Youtube is your friend. Septic tanks, propane, water hoses-everything you need to know is there.

2). Spare keys. After only two trips, I managed to lock our keys inside the camper. Luck was with us as our RV neighbor was a manager at the local Camping World and had a set of RV master keys. We now hide a spare set in an outside storage compartment.

3). Alcohol offerings. It is apparently an unwritten rule to offer beverages to other campers  as they walk past your camper. During our nightly walks we have been offered beer, moonshine, and various shot concoctions. Who knew campers were so friendly?

4). Outdoor showers. What I thought was an unecessary luxury has been a saving grace. If there is mud within 100 feet, our yellow lab will find it.

5). Open vents and turn on your fans whenever cooking. Just making toast set off our smoke alarms. At 6:30 in the morning, the sound is deafening.

6). WiFi. I am torn on this one. We have used our cell phone “hot spot” on several occasions. It’s great to post pictures of yourself drinking wine in front of a fire, but surfing while deer run through the campground defeats the purpose of returning to nature. My recommendation-set internet “surfing” times sparingly. The internet will still be there when you return to the real world.



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