Taking the Plunge

The wide world of RV enjoyment!

Yesterday, we kicked off our plan for the future and bought our first RV. Our bucket list dream is to spend a year touring the country with our Labrador Retriever, Fili. Of course, we still have five years, eight months, and a few days left before our “first retirement,” but we have to start somewhere. It was incredibly hard to buy something just to store it for the winter. Spring cannot come soon enough! Our first RV experience will be as seasonal campers in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.Let the learning begin!



But for the love…


Partners in time side by side.

Canine friend remains behind.


Vows cold and buried deep,

Memories hold, a life so sweet


Enduring days without his bride

Faithful friend finds peace inside


His tender soul no longer weeps

Bond so strong, the end complete


Morning walks among the sun

Evening breaks spent as one


Emotion so pure; a blessing of love

Gentle dog’s spirit a gift from above


Susan Cunningham