Free Chapter 1 Excerpt Now Available

Get a sneak peak into the new fantasy world set apart by its humanity. The Kingdom of Belamour is set in a mystical world full of natural beauty and reminiscent of early medieval England. It is a tale for everyone-fantasy and non-fantasy lovers, parents, grandparents, and children. The characters in the Kingdom of Belamour face adversity and have flaws. They question their beliefs and sometimes lose hope. But instead of a magic switch bringing a happy ending, they struggle and sacrifice. In the end, it is their hope and perseverance that matters.




Dark and Twisted

It’s the time of year for ghost stories and horror!  Most of you know my writing as “family friendly,” but my dark side loves a good horror story. My ebook, Dark and Twisted-Short Story Duos, can be found on Smashwords. Sick and Twisted, but oh so fun!

Fun with leaves…

We often take for granted the simple things in life. Make time this fall to enjoy the leaves instead of dreading their clean-up. Today was the perfect day to take a break from chores and just enjoy the moment.


Authors Helping the Community

I had a wonderful time at the Tracy Library’s Author Night Out promoting my book The Kingdom of Belamour. Sharing the experience with other New Hampshire writers while we raised money to support the library made it even better.  Please remember to support your local libraries. Get involved and keep the land of literary exploration alive!