Tasty Memories

As a little girl I snapped picture of my food; thanksgiving, christmas, etc. Years later, I found the food pictures provoked stronger memories than the static images of people and places. I could smell my Mom’s apple pie, taste her fudge. Even as an adult, I have continued the tradition.  Of course, I sometimes get a few strange glances as I pose my food in the best light, but the memories are worth it!


Healing Through Love

After our 12 year old yellow Labrador Tucker passed away last summer, the pain kept us from even considering another dog. Months later, we realized what a wonderful life we gave our boy, and the joy he provided in return. In January, we brought home Mr. Fili. I know someday we will once again melt with grief, but our many years of happiness together will last in our hearts forever.


Susan Cunningham is the author of The Kingdom of Belamour, the first in the fantasy series Beyond the Hidden Realm. For more information visit http://www.beyondthehiddenrealm.com