Summer Storms and Road Trips

New Hampshire experiences harsh winters, but summer beauty reminds us why we live here. Even when skies darken and rain looms, the historic landscape takes your breath away.  This is the Cornish-Windsor covered bridge located on route 12-A between Claremont and Lebanon, NH. The road twists along the Connecticut River with optional stops at the Saint-Gaudens National Historic site and the Blow-Me-Down-Grange.  Finish the trip with a stop at one of the many unique dining options in West Lebanon.


Italy 2011- A Truly Inspiring Writing Retreat

From my dedicated novel site,

Beyond The Hidden Realm

Part 1-

On the first morning of our writing retreat at Hotel Cannero on Lago Magiorre, we awoke to brilliant sunshine. The true beauty of Cannero Riviera emerged as we sailed away from the hotel to a farm in the Northern Alps. I knew the day would be filled with beauty, but I had no idea I would find my vision of Belamour in the mountains.

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Who says snacks can’t be healthy and taste good?

Tomatoes with fresh basil, mozzarella, and balsamic glaze rounded off with fresh baked french bread.


The Kingdom of Belamour – Book One in the Beyond the Hidden Realm Series

Updates to follow, but the debut novel in my Beyond the Hidden Realm Series is almost here!  Visit my new dedicated site and stay tuned for sneak peaks and series information.

The medieval village of Belamour sits upon a precipice. For the last 200 years, they have lived in peace and prosperity. Threatened by Raiders from another realm, the villagers face destruction if they cannot defend their way of life against greed and brutality.

Their battle intensifies when an elderly wander arrives with the mysterious secret of an ancient civilization. Past and present collide when he reveals the purpose of his visit, and Belamour is betrayed by its troubled king.

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