Forgotten America



Modern America lives in an era of urgency. The information age has created a society obsessed with quick answers and life experiences rushed into blocks of rapid snippets. Most of us fail to slow down long enough to enjoy the beauty around us.

One such forgotten beauty is the railroad. Planes can carry us to destinations in hours instead of days, and our crowded interstate highways are an endless sea of pavement. The railroad is still alive and well in many parts of our country, and offers a serene ride through scenic backdrops.

These pictures were taken along the Amtrak route between White River Junction, Vermont and Penn Station, New York. The Cornish/Windsor covered bridge is one of the most photographed covered bridges in the country. The angle from the Vermonter train offers a perspective free from power lines and roads.

As our train made its way into New York City, the views were spectacular. While gray and overcast, the landscape differed from than traditional highway route we usually take.  This was my first train ride, but definitely not my last!


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