Beyond the Hidden Realm, Book I is almost here!

Beyond the Hidden Realm, Book I is almost here!

The journey has been remarkable, and I am grateful to so many people for helping me along the way. When I began the novel, I never truly believed I could finish, never mind bring it to print. Like many writers, the greatest obstacle wasn’t necessarily the writing, but the internal editor telling me that I couldn’t.

Foresight Symbol jpgI still remember the exact moment when I realized the book would become reality. I was sitting on a bench in the medieval village of Carmine Superiore in Northern Italy with my friend, and mentor, Deb McKew. We were editing a portion of the manuscript, a medieval-style fantasy based in a location much like the one we were in. When I looked out over the village it was as if time had stopped. There were no lights, no telephone wires, nothing to tie us with the modern era.  I was immersed in a world I had always dreamed of and lost in the passion of writing.

Foresight Symbol jpg

From that moment on, I never doubted the completion of my book. Writing was no longer something other people did. I could AND WOULD, write this book. Over the next few months, the final pieces will fall into place. I hope you follow with me and find a little inspiration to continue along your journey.


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