Beyond the Hidden Realm, Book I is almost here!

Beyond the Hidden Realm, Book I is almost here!

The journey has been remarkable, and I am grateful to so many people for helping me along the way. When I began the novel, I never truly believed I could finish, never mind bring it to print. Like many writers, the greatest obstacle wasn’t necessarily the writing, but the internal editor telling me that I couldn’t.

Foresight Symbol jpgI still remember the exact moment when I realized the book would become reality. I was sitting on a bench in the medieval village of Carmine Superiore in Northern Italy with my friend, and mentor, Deb McKew. We were editing a portion of the manuscript, a medieval-style fantasy based in a location much like the one we were in. When I looked out over the village it was as if time had stopped. There were no lights, no telephone wires, nothing to tie us with the modern era.  I was immersed in a world I had always dreamed of and lost in the passion of writing.

Foresight Symbol jpg

From that moment on, I never doubted the completion of my book. Writing was no longer something other people did. I could AND WOULD, write this book. Over the next few months, the final pieces will fall into place. I hope you follow with me and find a little inspiration to continue along your journey.


Breathe, Write, Live

When I try to explain to friends and co-workers why I write, the meaning is lost. Questions such as “Aren’t you too busy?” or “You should be relaxing instead?” are often asked.

The answer to question number one is absolutely. This is my first blog post in almost five months due to an insanely full schedule. I work full time, attend college (only 5 classes left before I graduate, yeah!), am married with two children, have a three-year old granddaughter, and a brand new granddaughter born almost two months premature, but doing wonderful.

Why do I still write? The answer is simple: I have to. Writing is like breathing. Without the flow of words I choke. So, I find time (or make time), no matter what the distraction.

Today’s distraction is an intensely cute puppy chasing my fingers as they fly over the keyboard. I also have my sweet little granddaughter asleep on my chest, her breath rising and falling in rhythm with my own. But, still I write. Lost in the beauty of both natural creation and artistic bliss. Writing is life; the air I breathe; the food that fulfills my soul.

There is always time to write, and some of the best work is born from our distractions.