Darkness of the Mind

A dear friend of mine lost her daughter to suicide this week. A young life destroyed by a silent killer, no family is immune from the effects of mental illness. There is no shame or weakness in seeking help for a troubled mind. True courage comes in facing one’s demons. Rest in piece, little angel.


Darkness of the Mind

By Susan Cunningham

Beauty hides lonely mountain in the mind

Jagged cliffs descend, blinding a life sought

Winter buries, storm clouds erase true thought

Stranded. Lost hope and reason left to find.

Anger chases. Revulsion preys unkind.

Guilt churns. Hope mislaid blue in endless knot.

Mist entombs spirit dark, weary from fought

Forgotten soul along road left behind.

Weak and evil assumed. Never known ill.

Inner thoughts flooding, an unsafe black slope.

Waste and decline bleeding courage to cope.

Grief and sadness consumed. Burned without will.

Could there, should there? No return with false hope.

Only death escapes. Life left unfulfilled.


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