Re-work Wednesday 26

Ed Mooney Photography

The NightmareWhen I started this back in January I never thought that I would still be doing it over six months later, and yet here I am. I was just looking through the images I have done to date and its turning into a nice little collection. For this week I returned to the Bram Stoker Festival I did last year. As they say, ‘Third time is a charm’. And yes I think I am still stuck in a much darker place than usual, but I am enjoying the process, so it cant be too bad. This weeks shot was taken at Dublin Castle and was part of the performance for Dracula’s Fire Garden. as I went through the arched doorway which led to the inner courtyard there were a number of these unsavoury demonic creatures were lurking in the shadows, waiting for unsuspecting victims. Luckily for me I was…

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