Coming Soon-The Kingdom of Souls-Book I

The Kingdom of Souls – Book I

By Susan Cunningham

Available early 2015

The medieval village of Beladar sits upon a precipice; for the last 200 years, they have lived in peace and creative prosperity after abolishing tyrannical leaders.  Now threatened by raiders from another kingdom, they face destruction if they cannot defend their way of life against greed and brutality.

A mysterious elderly man named Rael Mitoffe appears.  When he was young, a tragic turn of events brought him to an island where he found a secret worth living for.  After a lifetime of protecting the wisdom of an ancient civilization, he realizes he must find someone to confide in. He believes his search will end in Beladar, but soon learns his actions have threatened both the civilization he hopes to protect and the people of this gentle Kingdom.

After befriending the daughter of one of Beladar’s leaders, he learns the true meaning of friendship and sacrifice.  The destinies of two Kingdoms collide when his secret is revealed, and Beladar is thrust into a battle between a troubled King who wants to restore the old ways and the past Rael fought to escape.


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