Spring Hikes-Arethusa Falls

The first hike of the year found us in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Route 302 is a spectacular drive with views that seem like paintings. It winds through Crawford Notch State park and a plethora of hiking trails. At the heart of the route is the Highland Center on the Appalachian trail, a huge complex providing shelter and meals to trail hikers.

After lots of recommendations, we chose the Arethusa Falls trail. The reward at the end of the hike is one of NH’s highest waterfalls.  A challenging, but not hazardous journey, the trail meanders up the mountain and over an abundance of rocks and small steams. It takes about an hour to reach the falls (unless you are REALLY in shape). Once there, the landscape becomes a little difficult if you want to reach the base of the falls, but is still doable as long as you have good shoes and OK balance.

After a picnic and lots of pictures, I regretted not bringing paper and pen as the falls is the perfect place to catch up on a little writing. A hint to those looking to make the trip…go early as the crowds begin to descend around 10:00 am.  We arrived just after 9:00 am, and wished we had made it a little bit earlier. On our way back down, we met lots of people and dogs making the hike. However, the little traffic jams on the trail provided the opportunity for some good conversations with our fellow hikers.


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