Sites, Sounds, Smells & Tastes of Boston




My first road trip of the spring brought me to Boston today. The temperatures soured to near 80, and the city responded by coming to life. A short walk from South Station is one of the most energetic and eclectic centers in the city…Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market.  Street performers and vendors line the outdoor market bringing modern life within a circle of historic sites.  The air is filled with not only music and applause, but the blending of aromas from the many local food stops.

Strolling through Quincy Market is a food lovers paradise.  Seafood, steak-n-cheese, ribs, Italian, Greek and Thai food is just the beginning. For those able to restrain themselves long enough to consider dessert, the selection of cookies, ice cream, brownies, and delectable desserts provides a terrible dilemma…how to possibly choose.

A few thousand calories later, the day ended with a rest on the common next to the harbor. The blossoms and fresh flowers added the perfect touch to the sunshine and grass.  This spring is starting off great!

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