Beauty and the Beast of Spring

The natural world of New Hampshire bursts with activity this time of year. Our first warm weekend brought an influx of overflowing river banks and wild life exploring the melting shores.  Water is one of nature’s true beauties, but also one of the most dangerous. These pictures were taken in Lebanon, New Hampshire next to a normally slow, meandering river.  Tomorrow’s weather calls for heavy rains and flooding. Two years ago, a portion of our retail area was devastated by flooding. We are all hoping for minimal damage this year.


Winter in New York

It’s been so long since I’ve posted, but the inspirations have not stopped.  After many years, I decided to finish my Bachelor’s Degree in English. Not that I have much free time as it is between family, work, and my writing, but the time feels right. So, as my first post, I thought I would re-live one of our favorite winter memories.  New York!