Fall Favorites Series-Salem

Just a few hours drive away from our home in New Hampshire is the now famous city of Salem, Massachusetts.  Every year, thousands of tourists descend to the area for Halloween festivities.  The streets come alive with vendors as well as costumed visitors. The shopping offers a plethora of items from the typical tourist purchases to unique crafts. Witch themed attractions are plentiful, from wax museums to re-creations of the witch trials.  While I prefer visiting at less busy times, it is always an adventure to go during Halloween.

With the commercial side of Salem, the true meaning often gets lost, so I recommend taking a side trip to the memorials and less touristy spots.  The Rebecca Nurse House is just a few short miles away. Rebecca was one of the unfortunate victims to be hung during the witch trial, and is also a great (times many) aunt of mine. Another victim, Susannah Martin, was my many times great grandmother, so visiting Salem offers a chance to connect with my family history.

Salem is an important part of the American culture. I encourage a visit to learn about one of our darkest moments.  The historical aspects of Salem are fascinating and worth the trip!


4 Replies to “Fall Favorites Series-Salem”

  1. Of course, the real activities took place in what’s now Danvers, or so I’ve read.
    Salem’s a great place to visit any other time of the year. We’re especially fond of the Peabody-Essex Museum, which claims to be the 20th largest in the U.S.
    I just wish there were a more direct route from N.H.


    1. I certainly wish there were more direct routes to a lot of places from NH! Must be where the saying “Can’t get there from here” originated. You are right about the events being in Danvers. From what I read, Danvers was part of Salem, but changed their name to get away from the witch association. There is so much information out there, and it is hard to tell what is true and what has become urban legend. Love reading about it though.


  2. We lived on the North Shore while my children were growing up, and enjoyed visiting many places in that area, including Salem, and learning the history. We also enjoyed going to Salem Willows just to hang out. So much culture there, which I miss here. We often made the drive from Lebanon to MA when I was growing up. Not so bad after I-89 was built. I also worked in Beverly for awhile. Danvers to me is where all the shopping is 🙂 I prefer the places with history, like Salem. Gloucester is another favorite place. Thanks for this post.


    1. I have not been to Gloucester, so will have to try it. I love learning about the “unknown” history here in New England. There is so much that lies hidden in history books and it is sad to watch it disappear from memory. I’m very glad for the preservation of well know landmarks, but I am always looking for other places too! This weekend’s trip will be to the Mount Washington Resort. I’ve only been there once, so can’t wait to go back and write about it!


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