Mount Sunapee, New Hampshire

I spent many summer days climbing Mount Sunapee as a child. The park is even better than before with the addition of an aerial challenge course and zip lines, but the beauty still tops any of the man-made additions.  One of the highlights of the mountain is the chair lift to the top.  While I usually go for the 2 mile hike, a morning spent 50 feet above the trees on a super-sized jungle gym was enough to tame my sense of adventure and make the chair lift a welcomed site.  From the summit, a short 1.1 mile hike takes you to Lake Solitude, an ideal spot for a picnic and pictures.


2 Replies to “Mount Sunapee, New Hampshire”

  1. I’m so glad you wrote this post, Susan. A bit of disaster on my trip this summer. I planned to go up on the chair lift but chickened out when i got there. Next time I will go, having seen your lovely photos. I, too, spent many summer days growing up at Sunapee. More at the Lake though, which I did this summer too. Love NH! Thanks for sharing, Joyce


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