9-22-2013 Dear Clouded Sunshine

So proud of my niece for turning a painful event for her and her son into an opportunity to help others. Through attempts like hers to spread the knowledge of mitochondrial diseases, a cure or successful treatment may be found.

Dear Clouded Sunshine

We had such a week little bug.  It was very exciting and fun for the both of us.  Our Mito Awareness booth did phenomenally, and we got to meet many very strong and amazing people.  Mommy even answered questions that Doctors asked!  Who knew that the hospital psychiatric ward cleaner actually knew a few things ;-).  You had fun fun fun!  There was lots of running and smiling, and your friend Theresa watched the Mickey mouse with you! You sort of wrecked our craft table, but that’s okay, it was cute!


You stealing all the foam boards for the stickers…

The rest of the week went pretty well, you’ve been very happy.  Your cousin, Jessie, came out from California and gave you the cutest little bear toy, and a GIANT mickey mouse from your great aunt and uncle. It’s almost your birthday ya know…2 years old…so special, its gone…

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