Fall Favorites Series

NH Highland Games

Weekends during the fall are busier than the summer!  The weather is a perfect combination of sun and crisp fall air mixed with seasonal favorites.

Every September, the NH Highland Games takes place at Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH.  A ski resort in the winter, the mountain provides an inspiring back drop for the games. The festival boasts a vast collection of Scottish Clans coming together for a weekend of competition, merchants, music, food, and drink.  Bag pipes and drums echo throughout the mountains, bringing a haunting mood to the already mystical White Mountains.

Fish and chips, meat pie, sausages, and, of course, haggis are only a few of the options available. The scent of roasting meats flows through the market sparking an insatiable drive to eat almost everything in site (except the haggis-sorry can not “stomach” it). The mountainside fills with spectators watching beefy men in kilts toss cabers and carry huge stones farther than should be humanly possible.  The fields next to the competitors are filled with merchants selling everything Scottish. Kilts, swords, jewelry, and beautiful hand made crafts provide for a shopper’s paradise.

I am truly grateful to live in such a beautiful area!


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