As children we are constantly told to “go play.”  Somehow, that concept disappears when we reach adulthood and becomes almost taboo.  This weekend is about “PLAY” and finding the lost art of laughter and fun.  We are off to spend the night in a Tipi along the banks of the Connecticut River. In addition to our regular camping supplies of hot dogs and smores, we have brought a plethora of toys to occupy our time.  Harry Potter wands…check…who can run through a several acre hedge maze and not think of the Goblet of Fire?   Four foot broad sword…check…a large rock within a circle of wild plants is the perfect place to re-enact pulling Excalibur from the stone.  We have dubbed today “Movie Reference” day and will continue to search for crazy ways to honor our favorite movies.  Stay tuned for pictures!

Time to Play


4 thoughts on “Time to Play

  1. mcwatty9 says:

    It’s always important to play!


  2. Melissa Jo says:

    What an excellent and hilarious idea! I can not wait to see this pictures! Enjoy!!!


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