A Picnic in the Alps..Part Three

After a morning of stimulation overload from the stunning scenery, it was time for lunch.  While expecting a sampling of local cheeses and bread, plate after plate of home-made food arrived. At first, we eagerly devoured the offerings, but as they continued, we realized our stomachs would reach their end before the food. I began to pace myself…perhaps I only needed five balls of fresh mozzarella instead of ten.  My efforts at moderation failed miserably! Finally, my taste buds succumbed to exhaustion, and I returned my fork to the table. Then I saw it…dessert. Oh, you evil little fruit tart!

As I strive to “live in the moment” and savor the experience of “the now”, our day spent at this little farmhouse in Northern Italy will always stand as the definitive measurement of “the now”.  Sometimes, my quest to enjoy the moment disappears and time blurs. Is it really Saturday already?  August…how did it become August so fast?

Today is a good day to look back at my pictures and again strive for “the now.”  As I sit and eat my bland breakfast, the memory of those mozzarella balls dances across my tongue.  I can almost smell the sweet flowers so irresistible to the goats from the fields below and hear the echo of bells clanging across the fields.


2 Replies to “A Picnic in the Alps..Part Three”

  1. That looks amazing, I love the vast cultural difference in foods between each country, wouldn’t it be nice to eat this for lunch every day instead of the usual PP&J or tossed together drive through meal. I feel like we, as Americans, have become to rushed to enjoy the finer things in life, like your wonderfully prepared meal with the scenic background of nature and farm lands!!! 🙂


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