A Picnic in the Alps…Part Two

Beauty and simplicity united to make our visit to this farm oasis in the Alps an unforgettable experience.  Even before the farm came into existence, bells clanged through the air in a perfectly balanced chorus. Cows, goats, and sheep grazing in the fields were the conductors of this symphony echoing throughout mountains.

The goats quickly became our friends, running to greet our group and following us through the fields.  I met one particularly mischievous goat that took a liking to the belt loops of my pants.  Our interactions with these friendly creatures inspired numerous pieces of poetry and literature that day.

While we waited for our lunch, we sipped homemade wine and worked on our writing.  I found myself unable to make the pen sing and stared at the paper in a haze.  After a few uncomfortable moments, I realized nothing I could possibly conceive would rival the magnificence around me.  Instead of attempting to force the impossible, I became a sponge and absorbed every detail.  I wandered through the landscape until my senses threatened to burst from over-stimulation.


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