Creative Freedom

Creative Freedom

Experience influences perception in all aspects of life, including writing. This variance in observation is essential for the creative flow, and the root of remarkably diverse work.

For some, the vision of a colorful bee drinking nectar from an equally colorful flower provokes a sense of beauty or harmony with nature. However, if the writer is allergic to bees, the image may bring anxiety and painful memories of epi-pens and hospital visits. Sometimes, the mind takes the writer to a seemingly unrelated place. For me, the bee took me to my mother’s flower garden, which then brought me to her kitchen where the taste of warm apple pie danced through my memories. A simple picture sparked a cherished childhood memory that I can now set to paper.

Don’t resist the journey your creative mind lays before you. Setting the mind free adds texture and authenticity to your work. Allow your writing to embrace experience and don’t be afraid of the path it takes!
Where does your journey take you?


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