The Path of Life Gardens in Windsor, Vermont…a place where inspiration overwhelms!

Nestled along the banks of the Connecticut River between Vermont and New Hampshire is a magical place for writers, artists, and photographers. Guests are taken through the journey of life by artwork set among breath-taking natural scenery. After entering through the “Tunnel of Oblivion,” (a symbol for birth), a quick walk brings you to “Adventure.” Pay close attention to the path or this maze will consume a fair chunk of time…a fitting example of how we sometimes stray in life. Spend time in “Solitude” or walk up “The Hill of Learning” and sit under the “Tree of Wisdom.”

Today, we took a detour down to the river bank to gaze upon what can only be described as a living painting. Site, sound, and texture combined to create a vivid experience of nature. An empty canoe rested on the shores and within a few moments multiple story ideas flowed through my head. Was the canoe a symbol representing a journey about to begin, or maybe a dark warning of danger lurking in the waters?

We left the serenity of the river to continue our journey. By the time we reached “Death,” my mind burned with words begging to find their way to paper. I’m sure more than a few stories will owe their birth to today’s journey through the Path of Life Gardens.

SAM_0611 SAM_0610 SAM_0664 SAM_0660 SAM_0653 SAM_0637 SAM_0630 SAM_0623


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