Find your balance? No MAKE it!

Every writer knows the struggle to find balance between life and writing. For “closet-writers,” this juggling act becomes even more difficult.   If you have been a writer your whole life, this will be a foreign concept, but many of us have not even told our families we write!  We sneak a few words here or there and run to our hidden notebooks if the moon and stars align to give a few moments of alone time.  The first step is to admit the secret, but even then finding time to write can prove challenging.

My household has finally become accustomed to my “writing” time. The mantra “Do not bug me unless it’s broken, bleeding, or on fire,” has become common place.  I’ve settled into a routine of early morning writing bursts followed by my day job. Evenings are generally not an option as my brain is sucked dry throughout the day (unless a glass of Pinot Noir is involved then the creative juices come back). Saturday mornings is MY TIME…no excuses and no exceptions unless the above mantra is invoked, and Sunday evening often leads once again on the pages.  This is my schedule; it works for me, but it was not an easy find.  I had to MAKE it happen.

Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t work.  I was told that many writers sit up half the night on their projects. My brain is not capable of anything other than “see spot run” after 8:00 p.m. so this was definitely not an option for me. Find your balance and never give up…even a few words here and there feeds your creative soul.


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