Creative Freedom

Creative Freedom

Experience influences perception in all aspects of life, including writing. This variance in observation is essential for the creative flow, and the root of remarkably diverse work.

For some, the vision of a colorful bee drinking nectar from an equally colorful flower provokes a sense of beauty or harmony with nature. However, if the writer is allergic to bees, the image may bring anxiety and painful memories of epi-pens and hospital visits. Sometimes, the mind takes the writer to a seemingly unrelated place. For me, the bee took me to my mother’s flower garden, which then brought me to her kitchen where the taste of warm apple pie danced through my memories. A simple picture sparked a cherished childhood memory that I can now set to paper.

Don’t resist the journey your creative mind lays before you. Setting the mind free adds texture and authenticity to your work. Allow your writing to embrace experience and don’t be afraid of the path it takes!
Where does your journey take you?


The Path of Life Gardens in Windsor, Vermont…a place where inspiration overwhelms!

Nestled along the banks of the Connecticut River between Vermont and New Hampshire is a magical place for writers, artists, and photographers. Guests are taken through the journey of life by artwork set among breath-taking natural scenery. After entering through the “Tunnel of Oblivion,” (a symbol for birth), a quick walk brings you to “Adventure.” Pay close attention to the path or this maze will consume a fair chunk of time…a fitting example of how we sometimes stray in life. Spend time in “Solitude” or walk up “The Hill of Learning” and sit under the “Tree of Wisdom.”

Today, we took a detour down to the river bank to gaze upon what can only be described as a living painting. Site, sound, and texture combined to create a vivid experience of nature. An empty canoe rested on the shores and within a few moments multiple story ideas flowed through my head. Was the canoe a symbol representing a journey about to begin, or maybe a dark warning of danger lurking in the waters?

We left the serenity of the river to continue our journey. By the time we reached “Death,” my mind burned with words begging to find their way to paper. I’m sure more than a few stories will owe their birth to today’s journey through the Path of Life Gardens.

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Capturing Memories

Capturing Memories

This sweet boy is Tucker, our 11 year old Labrador Retriever. This picture was taken on our last long walk with him. Unfortunately, his hips prevent such walks now, but we continue to cherish every moment he is with us.

For years, I struggled with writing a worthy poem or essay in his honor. Tucker has been a best friend to our children…even my oldest daughter’s Prom date. How can I possibly capture our love for him with mere words? I have reached the conclusion that I’m not ready to write about Tucker. Time and reflection will be necessary ingredients, so for now I continue to jot down memories in the hopes that someday I will finally be able to convey this gentle soul’s life.

Find your balance? No MAKE it!

Every writer knows the struggle to find balance between life and writing. For “closet-writers,” this juggling act becomes even more difficult.   If you have been a writer your whole life, this will be a foreign concept, but many of us have not even told our families we write!  We sneak a few words here or there and run to our hidden notebooks if the moon and stars align to give a few moments of alone time.  The first step is to admit the secret, but even then finding time to write can prove challenging.

My household has finally become accustomed to my “writing” time. The mantra “Do not bug me unless it’s broken, bleeding, or on fire,” has become common place.  I’ve settled into a routine of early morning writing bursts followed by my day job. Evenings are generally not an option as my brain is sucked dry throughout the day (unless a glass of Pinot Noir is involved then the creative juices come back). Saturday mornings is MY TIME…no excuses and no exceptions unless the above mantra is invoked, and Sunday evening often leads once again on the pages.  This is my schedule; it works for me, but it was not an easy find.  I had to MAKE it happen.

Don’t get discouraged if something doesn’t work.  I was told that many writers sit up half the night on their projects. My brain is not capable of anything other than “see spot run” after 8:00 p.m. so this was definitely not an option for me. Find your balance and never give up…even a few words here and there feeds your creative soul.

Covered Bridges…a New England treasure.

Covered Bridges...a New England treasure.

At times, I take for granted the beauty of New Hampshire, but whenever I visit this covered bridge in North Newport, New Hampshire it takes my breath away. Something happens as you walk the banks of the Sugar River…time melts away leaving the air heavy with the past. Many an artist whether it be painter, writer, or photographer share a common love for this structure that symbolizes not only history, but triumph as well. Arson took the original form in 1993, but the town rallied to restore the iconic bridge to its original splendor.